The Artoprise Chronicles - Chapter 9


The Artoprise Chronicles - Chapter 9

Author/illustrator: Chris Ray - adapted from an original manuscript


"Hey, it must be rush hour" declared Gabelli as he negotiated the bus onto the freeway, "What time is it anyway?  I thought it was around noon."  "It is, but don't you know that here, everyone does lunch.  This is the lunch hour traffic, and it doesn't look too bad, considering" observed Karolind, "wait until you see the after lunch hour traffic, then you'll have something to worry about."

lunch hour traffic

Although they were only tooling along at eighty miles an hour, and simply keeping up with traffic, they were swiftly approached by a grey car which then kept abreast of the bus.  

Through the window Gabelli could hear the driver loudly speaking into his phone to the entourage following him, "Awright listen up you jerks, do I gotta do everythin' around here.  What the hell do I pay youse for?  Here it is right on top of yur noses and ya don't notice nuthin."  Curious, thought Gabelli, I wonder what that guy is talking about.....hey! isn't he Silvan Schmukberg the movie director?  He turned to the others and was about to make the announcement when everyone shouted "We know, we know" and they all went back, gawking out the windows.

a famous movie director

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