The Artoprise Chronicles - Chapter 6


The Artoprise Chronicles - Chapter 6

Author/illustrator: Chris Ray - adapted from an original manuscript


The weekend was coming up and the bus was swiftly moving along the desert floor, heading west towards Syndoria's studio.  The sizzling sun beat mercilessly down on the hot metal of the non-air conditioned bus, frying the occupants without conscience.  The burning metal roof buckled under the heat, the plastic knobs, seat covers and chintzy trim deformed and sagged in dismay.  Tempers were on the rise again and some immediate relief was needed. 

sun sizzling sauna bus

Since Shorrah was obviously unaffected by the heat of the sun pouring through the windshield, she was elected driver of the day.  She also knew her way around this part of the country and so without warning, she detoured off the main road and headed for the distant hills.

she's not affected by the heat

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