The Artoprise Chronicles - Chapter 5



The Artoprise Chronicles - Chapter 5

Author/illustrator: Chris Ray - adapted from an original manuscript



The old bus was humming along ,down Route 66, heading nowhere in particular. The occupants gleefully hello'd other drivers on the road as they swifty passed them, and cheered Hornk, who was now driving, to go faster. The landscape blurred past the windows, looking like impressionist paintings and the sound of the wind drowned out the laughter, as it rushed through the broken windows of the bus.

Suddenly the wailing sound of a siren interrupted the festive atmosphere and the bittersweet smell of adrenelin pervaded the air. "Uh oh, Hornk, now you did it. We got ol' Smokey on our tail, and it don't look like we're gonna shake him niether" commented Harth. "Ain't 'cha gonna stop?" "Hell no, I ain't lettin' no Green Meany even come close to us. Hang on folks, we're walkin' away" warned Hornk, and turned the wheel sharply to the left, crossing lanes and headed directly into the wooded hillside.

Smokey and the Green Meanie