The Artoprise Chronicles - Chapter 4


The Artoprise Chronicles - Chapter 4

Author/illustrator: Chris Ray - adapted from an original manuscript


The old bus was driven throughout the night, and just after the sun rose, they approached the crest of a hill.  It was Rikolo's turn at the wheel and through his sleepy eyes he saw this wonderous contraption approaching their direction. "Wha...?" he exclaimed, then turned to the others and in a cracked voice he ordered "Hey wake up, I....I....I think that's Hornk comin' out to greet us."

"Jeez will ya look at that now.  I think ol' Hornk's come up with a new fix for his old Honda." remarked Bull, and put on his spectacles to better examine this image approaching them.


Hornk's modified Honda Civic

After greetings were exchanged, Krik explained to Hornk that a newer and more powerful engine was needed for their wonderful bus.  "Hmmm...." replied Hornk, "I dunno about that.  Yur askin' an awful lot of that ol' thing ya got and I ain't sure I got the resources to accommodate'cha."   "C'mon now, I know ya kin do it. This is a classic machine and how kin ya turn us down for sumthin' like this?", pleaded Krik.  Unseen by Hornk, he had turned to the others and gave them a wink and a smile. Once again he would have his way (that tricky old fox).


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