The Artoprise Chronicles - Chapter 3


The Artoprise Chronicles - Chapter 3

Author/illustrator: Chris Ray - adapted from an original manuscript


Bull settled himself in the seat and ground  the gears loudly in place as he shifted and turned off the highway.  Surprisingly, the bus eased itself over rugged gulleys and high seated rocks effortlessly as they headed downhill into the valley.

"Whoa!" hollered an alarmed Bull as the old bus swung to the right and pocketed itself deep in a gopher hole.  "Damn, we're stuck now," grumbled Bull, as he tried to rock the vehicle back and forth.  "Ain't no use" he informed the others, "steerin's broke and I can't do nuthin' with it."

in da gopher hole

The gopher finally crawled out of his rubber tire roofed hole and looked around at the damage to his home. He certainly will get in touch with one of those lawyers on television who promise to win your case, no cost to you. "Say, don't I feel a little whiplash here as well?" he thought, then wondered how a gopher could convince a jury that he was entitled to pain and suffering as well as house damages.

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