The Artoprise Chronicles - Chapter




The Artoprise Chronicles - Chapter

Author/illustrator: Chris Ray - adapted from an original manuscript




The old bus clacked and wangled over highways and back roads struggling to maintain it's dignity. The occupants inside were busy sweeping out the debris and bolting down old broken seats. "Where we goin' to throw out all this old trash we're accumlatin'?", queried Harth as he juggled an armload of torn floor coverings. "Aw hell, we kin just toss the stuff in Bull's stock pile, he won't know the diffurence." replied Rikolo as he tried to keep himself from falling.


cleaning up the bus


Pot holes and road kill were taking it's toll on the fragile mechanics of this unroadworthy machine. "Can'tcha at least steer this damned thing right?" hollered Rikolo over the noise of the engine and loose jointed undercarriage. "Just hold yur water," answered Krik, gripping the shaking steering wheel as tightly as he could, "we oughta be at Bull's place any minute now, then we can get more stuff fixed. Ain't this a great ol' bus anyhow? Don'tcha just love it?"