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The Artoprise Chronicles - Introduction

Author/illustrator: Chris Ray - adapted from an original manuscript

The Artoprise Chronicles was something that both Enrique and I came up with as an idea for an introduction to the new site. Since this is a new site for what we consider a concept rather than an actual place, we wanted to express something that would reflect the diversity of the people that are involved with this venture.

There are new things planned, and old things preserved, but what remains unchanged is the character of all the artists and craftspeople that participate in this venture. We are making a new offering that will augment what is already available.

In a way, we consider this place a kind of village that is home for the spirit, and a workplace as well. As with many small towns and villages throughout the world, everyone knows everyone else, and each gladly assists the others when there is a need or even when there isn't. We have a mail list through which we communicate with each other, and there is something about the character of this particular list that is quite least we all think so.

The bus is waiting, so when you come aboard, make room for others to join you. We're going on a little journey before we arrive at the ArtMetal site and it may seem a little strange....well that's what some adventures are. A lot of good folks will be joining us on this trip, and though they sometimes seem ill mannered, or klutzy, it's all right, after all these are our friendly neighbors. While riding along with the additional folks coming on board, it may be an act of kindness to gently instruct them in the proper use of the English language. I have no idea where or by whom these folks were educated.

Okay.... go on now, don't let me hold you up.

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