Soldering Non-Ferrous Metals

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Soldering Non-Ferrous Metals

Applications for Jewelry, Small Sculpture and Decorative Work

by: Dave Sebaste


When doing creative work with metals, techniques for joining two or more pieces of metal can be divided into two groups. There are cold joining techniques, such as riveting, folding or bending and also hot joining techniques, including soldering and fusing. This collection of topics describes the process of soldering.

The group of metals known as non-ferrous (doesn't contain iron) is fairly broad. It includes platinum, gold, silver, brass, copper, and many other less common metals. Each of these metals has unique characteristics, and could be addressed separately. For the purposes of this article, I will be generally referring to using sterling silver, and will occasionally point out deviations pertaining to other metals.

"Processes, methods, and apparatus presented herein have not been tested or verified by ArtMetal in any way. Anyone using any of this information is doing so at their own risk."

Tools and Supplies

Learning the Basics

What really Happens...

Soldering Techniques for Jewelers

Dave Sebaste

Sebaste Studio

Charlotte, NC

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