Heat Treating of S-7 Steel

in Degrees
Fahrenheit Rockwell
(C scale)
As Hardened 59-61
300 57-59
400 55-57
500 53-55
600 52-54
700 51-53
800 51-53
900 51-53
1000 50-52
1100 43-48
1200 37-40

S-7 is one of those hot work/cold work steels that many smiths "forge and forget" It can be difficult to find scrap sources of S-7, but it is readily available from steel suppliers and well worth the cost.

Author's Notice:
References for this article are from, but not limited to, the material specification sheets from Carpenter Technology Corporation, Steel Division and lecture material from Robb Gunter's 1994 ABANA conference demonstration on scrap tool steels.

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