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By Mark Williams


1 ABC Coke - Division of Drummond Company Inc. Tarrant Coke Sales Office Tarrant City, AL 205-849-1300 Coke Processors for Drummond Coal Company. Usually sell box car loads but call and ask.


2 American Natural Resources 301-387-0327 Blacksmith coal. Contact George Stany.

3 Anthracite Industries Sunbury, PA 17801 717-286-2176 717-286-2329 fax Source for coke

4 Bradford Coal Company, Inc. P.O.Box 368 Bigler, PA 16825 814-342-0529 Blacksmith coal. Contact Terry Swanson.

5 Nick Brumder Liberty Forge 40128 Industrial Park Circle Georgetown, TX 78626 512-869-2830 Sells blacksmithing coke.

6 City Coal Yard 116 North Depot Street Brazil, IN 47834 812-448-8128 Excellent blacksmith coal. Pocahantas #3 washed from West Virginia. Contact David Wise

7 Coalesce P.O. Box 7701 South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158 916-544-0428 Source of excellent blacksmithing coal. High BTU value, low ash & sulphur. Cokes well

8 Cumberland Elkhorn Coal & Coke 950 Swan Street Louisville, KY 40204 502-589-5300 Source of excellent blacksmithing coal in bulk or by the bag. The coal is washed, is low in ash, produces little clinker, and they will ship by truck.

9 Cummings-Moore Graphite Co. Detroit, MI 48209 313-841-1615 313-841-4880 fax Source for coke

10 Euclid Builders Supply 1400 Chardon Road just off I-90 Euclid, OH 216-531-1400 Source of Pocahontas Slack coal

11 G & B Oil Co., Inc 410 E. 2nd St. Winston-Salem, NC 27101 910-722-2024 Source of blacksmith coal. Will not ship

12 Graphite Sales Inc. Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 800-321-4147 216-543-5183 fax Source for coke.

13 Greystar/EA Marketing 2515 Pawnee Village Road Tarrant AL 205-849-2236 Source for coke.

14 Haines Holt Federalsburg Coal Federalsburg, MD 410-754-5244 Good quality blacksmith coal. Source:North-central PA.

15 Hickman, Williams Detroit Processing Division 7819 W. Jefferson River Rouge, MI 48209-2857 313-841-2901 Suppliers of metallurgic coke in small quantities. Ask for Bob Martin.

16 Koenig Fuel Supply Detroit, MI 313-368-1870 Source of Pocahontas Slack coal

17 National Coal Company 43 Cresent Street Worcester, MA 01605 508-752-7468 800-675-7468 Source of blacksmithing coal. Contact John Alicandro

18 Phoenix Coal Sales, Inc. 310 S Scraper St P.O. Box 498 Vinita, OK 74301 918-256-7873 918-256-7874 Will sell coal by 50 lb bag or in bulk. Call for latest price. However, by bag is roughly four times the bulk price.

19 Paul Pierce Autobody and Powderly Coal Company 1924 Jefferson Avenue S.W. Birmingham, Alabama 35211 205-925-3453 205-925-6877 Source of blacksmith or metallurgical coal-high BTUs, low sulphur low ash. Call for price. Will ship anywhere.

20 Reading Anthracite Co. Pottsville, PA 17901 717-622-5150 717-622-2612 fax Source for coke

21 Reiss Coal Co. 111 W. Mason St. Green Bay, WI 54303-1573 414-436-7600 Good blacksmithing coal, either by the bag or in bulk. Call for price.

22 Skei Coal & Wood Box 394 639 Lincoln Way Ames, IA 50010 515-232-4474 Suppliers of blacksmith coal

23 H. M. Stevens 10749 150th Street Edmonton, AB CANADA 403-389-2137 Supplier of blacksmith coal

24 Streat Fuel Company 800 Erie Street Flint, MI 48507 810-468-2911 Coal and coke sales.

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