Introduction to "The Bramble Bush"

Introduction to "The Bramble Bush"

By: Chris Ray - Bramble Bush Editor

The Bramble Bush is a compilation of miscellaneous ideas, information and explorations of topics that have been discussed on the ArtMetal mail list. Every once in a while, some non related idea or other may pop out of the blue, but generally speaking, these little pieces reflect the interest and spirit of the members of this special group of artisans.

The ArtMetal Project, which sort of represents a virtual village, has a little park with benches, a checkerboard, a large sandbox for the kids (both old and young) to play in and our own special kind of pigeons and squirrels. This park, the ArtMetal mail list, is a wonderful place to hang out in. Often enough, one or the other of us brings a lunch bag filled with goodies not only for our neighbors, but for the park creatures as well. Sometimes the lunch bag is passed around and not only is a tasty morsel retrieved, but may have a replacement put back. No one knows for certain what they'll encounter when they dip their hand into the bag, but they are rarely disappointed.

The Bramble Bush may be a container of fruit flavored yogurt or a wrapped sandwich, in that lunch bag, and since it could very well be unlabled, we have to open it up and see what the contents are. This may best express the nature of this particular section of the ArtMetal site, encountering a mystery and then deciding afterward whether or not it was worthwhile. Some things may be suitable for human consumption, others more appropriate for the pigeons and squirrels. You decide.

To the visitors who stumble into this site, we welcome you, and offer you a cookie or two, and a glass of milk. When you've had your fill, why not amble on over to the Resource section through the hot links and explore around for a while.

You won't get lost, wandering around, but you may be confused. That's all right, since then you'll have to figure your own way out of the bushes, and when you do, you may find yourself on the north side of the trail, or maybe the south. It doesn't matter, at least you participated a little, in the journey.


Chris Ray - editor


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