Hephaistos - Schaufenster

Metalsmith Showcase

This section showcases the metalwork of individual artists published in Hephaistos. Pictured below is the latest issue showcasing some of these artists. Previous issues are archived and listed at the end of this document.

Volume 9/10 1995

György Seregi, Budapest, Hungary

Gudrun Tischler, Trappenkamp, Germany

Bengt Gustafsson, Trameno, Sweden

Antonio Foerderreuther, Monchengladbach, Germany

Volume 7/8 1995

  • Karl Heinz Schwab, Offingen, Germany
  • Ulrich Skrodzi, Almdorf, Germany
  • Ilja Behal, Olomouc, Czech Republic
  • Gyoergy Horvath, Esztergom, Hungary

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