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 Blacksmiths Needle


Throughout the two-year tour of the exhibition, a sculptural work, "The Blacksmiths Needle" was being built in segments at various forge-ins throughout Britain. The sculpture takes the form of a 7.5 metre tall conical tower, the external face being clad with individual artist blacksmiths' interpretation of the theme-"The Senses". When fully finished and assembled the tower will form a permanent attraction on Newcastle Quayside.

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"An exploration of Iron Through the Senses"

During 1995 and 1996, this international exhibition of new contemporary iron work organised by members of BABA, toured ten public art galleries throughout Britain. This selected exhibition is the next step forward and shows the wealth of creativity and innovation which is at present pushing forward at a vastly accelerated rate, influencing both design and artistic interpretation of the properties of iron.

Now, ArtMetal and BABA are bringing the Fe exploration to the world through a featured exhibition in the ArtMetal Virtual Gallery. Tony Wardale, a BABA member has sent us 57 individual photos of the artworks in this show. He has also categorized the exhibition into 6 seperate categories for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy the exhibit...


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Sculptural (Large)

10 works

 Sculptural (Small)

11 works

Wacky (Essentric)

9 works



8 works


6 works

Architectural / Domestic

15 works

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