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Although she flunked out of college in 1969, she left Arkansas for 10 years continuing her education by majoring in "Creative Drug Abuse and Men Going Nowhere." After winning the "Ugliest Truck in Arkansas" contest in 1985 and being denied admission to a state psychiatric facility, she joined a well known 12-step program and began to "do Art instead of live it." She began working with steel in 1989. She states: "It's the perfect medium for me--an aging mesomorph with an attitude."

Her work reflects her love of puns and cartoons, her attraction and aversion to religious icons and her reflections on the "human condition." She says her artistic goal in life is to disprove the saying "Nobody likes a smart-ass"...


"Dueling Dysfunctions" (41K)


"Arlene Finally Realized She Did Indeed Have A Screw Loose" (34.8K)


I Can Bring Home the Bacon, Fry It Up In The Pan (11.5K)

Welded Mild Steel , 36"W x 42" H


"in spite of her scepticism the fertilizer worked wonderfully" (14.6K)


"I'll Wait Up" (14.4K)


"Hail Mary Full of Gears" (40K)


"Jumbo 'Pagan' Candlestick for Those Quiet 'Rituals' at Home" (40K)


"Supreme Ruler of Not Nearly Enough" (34.6K)

For more information contact Mary at her studio, 8201 Cantrell Road, Suite 150, Little Rock, AR 72207, Phone 501-228-0044 or e-mail Hank Kaminsky

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