Boris Bally

Artist Statement

Good art naturally follows a cyclical path emulating the rhythm of life. This perpetual search for alternatives, variations, and challenges becomes a repetitive pattern of discovery and incremental growth.

I attempt to produce pieces of technical integrity and rich content. The rhythmic quality of design elements in my work become specific metaphors for strength and stability, as well as the danger and pain of life, while maintaining a disarming edge of humor.

The "eating-ritual" intrigues me as the perfect moment to indulge in the intimate viewing and using of art. The forms I use for my "tabletop" pieces are abstractions of imagery common to my urban environment including the ancient crafts seen in museums, ordinary objects and tools, and discarded metal scrap.

Scrap street signs are materials ripe for the battles of this decade: Their obvious environmental message; The mockery of precious materials which are symbolic of the American struggle for wealth and success; Their subtle defiance of authority.

Visits to castles in Europe allowed me to appreciate Medieval metalwork and heraldry. Timeless techniques and forms discovered in these armories (raising, riveting, perforating, layering, piercing, forming) continue to intrigue me.


Boris Bally

Atelier Boris Bally

The Rug Building, 3421 Bigelow Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone: (412) 682-8118 FAX: (412) 682-7244

e-mail address:

deep/shallow DPW Bowls: December, 1995--3.5" X 24" diameter

re-used street signs, copper rivets, hand spun, fabricated, riveted

photo: David L. Smith

Fixator Armform: April, 1995--13" X 14" X 1.4"

fabricated silver, brass, re-used detour sign

photo: Dean Powell

Layered Scrap Bowl: April, 1995--10" diameter X 4"

re-used street signs (45 layers), aluminum rod lathe turned, pierced, riveted

photo: David L. Smith

Pain/No Gain: April, 1994--14" X 7.5" X 7.5"

re-used traffic signs, turned brass, silver, photo: David L. Smith, collection: Sally and Craig Wolfanger, Pittsburgh, PA

Path Wall: 3 X 3: September, 1995--9

bowls, 7' X 7', each 24" diameter, re-used yellow traffic signs, spun, riveted, with wall mounting brackets

photo: David Rubin

Shield Pins--LT, 3 Strokes, Help, Truss, Delta, S: November, 1994--each 2.4" diameter X .5"

double pin spring finding, rust-rolled silver, nickel, brass, copper, ruby

photo: David L. Smith

Reversed Alchemy: Intersection & Segment: January, 1996--3" X 3" X .4" each

fabricated and pressed 18k yellow and white gold

photo: David L. Smith

Trapesius Vase with Ribs: March, 1995--10" X 11.5" X 10.5"

fabricated silver and rivets, durranodized aluminum

photo: David L. Smith

Working Light: November, 1995--15" X 12" X 35" tallest

recycled plumbing copper, brass, aluminum hard-hat, lighted switch--techniques: fabricated, riveted, cupric nitrate patina

photo: David Rubin

X-panded Flatware and X-panded Serving Spoon: April, 1994--knife: 8" tall, spoon: 1.85" diameter, fork: .5" off table, serving spoon: 8.85" X 2.2" X 1"

pierced and stretched silver, gold plated

photo: Dean Rubin

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