Discovering Leunens "secrets"

Discovering Leunens "secrets"

With these images and some additional information which the Leunens family have provided, we will embark on this journey. At this time, metalsmiths from the ArtMetal mail list are coming here to consume all the information we have provided. They will then discuss their perceptions and attempt to reproduce the techniques which make Guillaumes' artwork so intriguing.

As the processes are discovered, participants will document their findings and we will assemble the information and link it from this page. For now though, let's go take a look at that unfinished painting and see if we can get a little closer to figuring out Guillaumes' "secret." Another place to gather information is the discovery file which lists discovery items in outline form. Please note that all images on this page are linked to additional information and higher resolutions so that you can study the details which make Guillaume Leunens art so masterful.

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