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Welcome to the ArtMetal Features archive! This is where we keep our past issues which include special stories, graphics, movies and sounds that will give you a new perspective on the various disciplines in the metals craft.


Vol. III Issue I

  • Let's take a ride on the Artoprise and go through the Bramble Bush
  • ArtMetal and BABA bring the "Fe" exhibition to cyberspace
  • Book Review: "Hydraulic Die Forming For Jewelers and Metalsmiths"
  • ArtMetal.com starts a new cyberspace village for metalsmiths

Vol. II Issue I

  • Guillaume Leunens "Painter of the Night"
  • The Savannah Olympic Torch Sculpture by Ivan Bailey
  • Introducing the ArtMetal mail lists very own "Bramble Bush"
    • Two Shop Built Air Hammers Described
    • Soldering Closed Objects
    • The Nature of Acetylene Explained
    • Fire Extinguishing Chemicals & What You Should Know About Them
  • Artists bring unique points of view to the ArtMetal Artists Gallery
    • William Fiorini's pattern-welded steel (Damascus) and Mokume-Gane functional art pieces
    • Boris Bally's rhythmic quality of design incorporates strange metals such as scrap street signs
  • Discourses of the Resources
    • Soldering Non-Ferrous Metals by Dave Sebaste
    • Copyright / Copywrongs #3 by Jack Monday
    • BOOK REVIEW - "1995 Metal Arts Source Book" CD-ROM
  • NOMMA comes online with the best of Fabricator in ArtMetal News
    • Clearing the Confusion Over Wrought Iron
  • SNAPSHOT views Bronze Castings by Renée Sundaram

Vol. II Issue I

  • Up to the nanosecond with your ArtMetal News
    • Hephaistos's "Schaufenster" - showcases artwork from around the globe
    • Court Injunction prevents artist from fulfilling dream
  • New Artist adds brilliance to the ArtMetal Exhibiting Artists Gallery
    • Farley creates small surprises in jewelry
  • Discourses of the Resources
    • A Journey for the Acanthus leaf
    • Mokume-Gane Workshop by James E. Binnion
    • BOOK REVIEW - The Artist-Blacksmith's Craft
  • SNAPSHOT views fetish fashion from Tel Aviv

Vol. I Issue V

  • Sound clip update to "Expressive Design in Iron"
    • "Working with an Artist Blacksmith"
    • "Fe-An exploration of Iron Through the Senses "
  • Hephaistos's "Schaufenster" - showcases artwork from around the globe
  • Walfrid Huber explains why "The Medium is the Root of the Art"
  • Schowalter's images reflect a time before written language
  • Forging a Taper
  • Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 Pickle
  • A Metal Melting Furnace
  • A Simple Method of Making Raised Letters for Casting by Hank Kaminsky
  • How to Select a Foundry
  • SNAPSHOT views "Chalice" of many materials

Vol. I Issue IV

  • "Expressive Design in Iron" A Symposium at Penland School of Crafts
  • Oskar Hafen Leaves Mark on Swabian Cemeteries
  • Capturing Tomorrow's Customers: Only Through Active Marketing
  • Copyrights/Copywrongs - Part II
  • Book Review: "Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press"
  • Heat Treating S-7 & 01 Steel
  • Exploring The Library Resources Within Reach

Vol. I Issue III

  • An English gentleman recycles metal into whimsical sculptures
  • Little Rock Arkansas sends us a magnolia blossom
  • Jürgen Kull turns to power computing in Germany
  • Just Toolin' Around with UMBA
  • Excerpts from a Masters Thesis, "Studio Preparation and Coloring of Titanium" by Bill Seeley
  • SNAPSHOT views "Obelisk" which stands on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Vol. I Issue II

  • BAM keeps the fires hot forging damascus gun barrels, chains and flowers!
  • UMBA comes to the Web with their hefty by-monthly journal
  • SkipJack Press keeps us up to date with the "waves" newsletter
  • Modern British Blacksmiths go "Into the New Iron Age"
  • Copyrights/Copywrongs - Where is that VA Form?
  • Commissioning Artwork in Cyberspace - Can it be unfeigned?
  • Finding that great blacksmithing school and new suppliers add spice to the cake.
  • Step lightly on the Picture of the Month - Will this egg crack?

Vol. I Issue I

  • "Cyber Forge" QuickTime Movie
  • "Picture of the Month" features Brian Meek
  • IRC Interview with "Gold Moon Precious Metal & Gem Works"e