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Welcome to the Artmetal website - a meeting place for metal artists and those interested in working with them or finding more information about working with metal.


Part of the site is an information resource (link to archives) and part of it is created by the users (link to community news). Click on 'recent posts' (link) to see a quick update on all of the most recently added content.

Only users that have an account can 'create content' (link) in various ways - Blogs, Images, Groups, Events and Polls. If you have an account and have selected any buddies, their entries will be show up first in 'recent posts'.

Images and blog entries can show off your latest work or be an ongoing journal. One word 'tags' are used to categorize the information. The 'tag cloud' (link) at the bottom of the home page shows the most relevent tags by font size. Users may also create 'buddies' in their account to network with friends. Artmetal is an ideal place for architects or galleries to source metal artists and post a 'call for entries' (link to posting event) Many professional metal artisans use Artmetal to check in with their online metal community. Images are shown in a range of galleries (link) in various categories: architectural, design, furniture, jewelry, sculpture, other, yak.

I know you have questions about how to do stuff on the site. This Site Help - FAQ is where you will find answers, and if you don't find the answer, then it's time you ask. Please check and make sure the answer has not already been given before you post.

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