Money Makers

Hello all. This group is dedicated to those who derive, or wish to derive their income from their metalwork.

I truly believe that it is possible to be an artist and make a living at it. It just means educating yourself on things that might not be so familiar to you, and things you might not be so comfortable with.

This group is geared towards questions of pricing, shows, galleries, online sales, overhead, billing, taxes, math, business goals, motivation, risk taking, making a dream into reality. And anything else that gets you to your goal.

I am a self taught metal artist who now owns her own business. I fully sustain myself through my art, and am just starting to really grow as a company. To get to this point I have had to educate myself on things that the 'artist' usually shies away from. But the way I see it, if you have to do things you do not like for other bosses, it is going to be much more fun doing it for yourself.

I hope you will join me here.

Be well,
Alex in Welderland

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