Metal Books Exhibition

(Can't) Judge a Book by Its Cover

METAL BOOKS: An Exhibition of the Book as Artifact

Entry date: April 15, 2007-June 16, 2007 (all dates may be revised)

Minnesota Shindig Exhibition Deadline: To be determined

Minnesota Show dates: To be determined, includes June 16-17, 2007 weekend

Purpose: To explore the concept of encapsulating human imagination through the message of metal. If it looks like a book, reads like a book, feels like a book and swims like a book it may still be other than a book. A physical manifestation of imagination expressed through our common medium: metal.

What is an Artist's Book? An Artist's Book may contain words, thoughts, feelings, poems, images, colors, textures, techniques, sounds, items (you name it) etc. that can be bound together in the traditional or non-traditional format of a book. Some of us have expressed our fond memories of books from childhood. Some of us have expressed our emotional ties to bound works whether it be the weight of a paper, the sound of a binding as a new book is opened, or the comfort of becoming enticed into someone else's world through the contents of a book.

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