Jewelers Studio in the Woods

This group is to provide a virtual open studio for novice metalsmiths to find answers to any questions in the arts and sciences of jewelry fabrication, metallurgy and to answer queries on US and international law as it pertains to the business of jewelry making and to promote industrial health, safety and relative assessments of any size shop (existing or being created).The moderator is a goldsmith and former barrister and MD, among other degrees and credentials held over a long life time and over 35 years specifically as a jewelry artisan and educator.
All are welcome and no questions are too trite. I hope this will serve as an alternative to "Orchid"- and promise objectivity whilst guaranteeing that there are no advertising interests promoted or affiliated nor lurking sponsors as are found on orchid/ganoksin.
A word to those of you in business: please send me a copy of what you would like to post if it is at all self-promoting. Offering to provide assistance via the www is not self-promotion whereas offering to sell tools you make, mill products you fabricate, or any other services related to the business or fabrication of jewelry would fall into that category. I for instance, frequently make available universally applicable legal and business forms for start-ups or designers that want to have a non-compete contract with potential distributors, etc. when first approaching the parties. If I were to offer them to this group I would expect the person requesting the documents in printed form to pay postage and production on them- that would require the moderators approval to post it here ( in this case my self) and upon request resulting from a thread that may begin from a group member. To post that you produce tools for working PMC and sell them in your contact info for instance, would be frowned upon particularly without prior consent and off-topic. So not to discourage anyone of any age from joining just to alert potential members that this is intended to be informative and freely given information, without the judgment or snobbery found on other sites. Objective sharing is the goal of this group, not puffed up "experts" having "absolute" knowledge that is inflexible..everyone is valuable and has something to contribute or learn and methods are as individual as the jewelry created or metals worked!Please feel free to ask what you will and know your questions will not be pre-interpreted as too basic nor become a heated assertion of rank ,status or experience.Everyone will play nicely and offer their best advice or solutions!

A website is under construction that will become accessible to group members shortly that will provide a trading and selling component for members to barter wares, sell off excesses and post services and equipment for sale( is not the place for those things at this time.

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