Nick2NickStove Enamelling
ludgate1ludgateceramic shell
Glass Art and Etching2artcreationsA group of people interested in glass art and glass etching, whether a newbie or and advanced artists.
Metalworking FleaMarket20QuiQuea group/forum to buy/sell or want to buy metalworking equipment
Artmetalists13eligius1427Shows involving members of Artmetal
Jewelers Studio in the Woods7AuPlantagenetObjective discussion of jewelry making techniques, industrial health and safety and other topics intended for novice jewelers and metalsmiths
ArtMetal NextGen11abhailleAn ArtMetal group for beginning student metal artists.
Raising13Fred ZweigRaising and sinking of metal to create volume in metal
Repousse & Chasing67Fred ZweigA grouping of those who share in the passion of the manipulating metal and exploring it's possibilities.
Design Software7MitchellIronWorksLooking for a good design software
Shindig 20075Gene Olson2007 Artmetal Shindig.
Metal Books Exhibition8EmfairmeadowsDiscussion of an ArtMetal online exhibition/theme
Cowboy and Western Art4ernhrstBit and spurmaking discussion group...share your questions, ideas, and projects
Welding88Valerie RockTech Info for welding, joining metals as well as troubleshooting and basic metallurgy
Money Makers42Alex in WelderlandMaking a living with your work.
Steel32GoatZTechnical help for steel related projects and introduction help into steel art. Welding, manual machining, heating, etc.
rick's test group3Rick Crawfordnon-capitalization group of testing group creation.
Artist Inspiration14QuiQueWe are here to talk about how artists find inspiration in their daily lives.
OT: Sandbox YAK24webminsterYak about anything under the sun...
Whitesmithing40webminsterCoppersmiths, silversmiths, tinsmiths sharing repouse, raising, and other exotic forms of working the white metals
Knife-makers23RadharcThis group is dedicated to metalsmiths working in the knife making industry.
Jewelry88jbinJoin other jewelers in discussing the jewelry trade. NO SPAM ALLOWED!
Fabrication80webminsterA group for metalsmiths working with welding, cnc, machining, etc.
Casting125bpfinkThis group is for casting metals for jewelry, sculpture, and decorative accents
Blacksmithing92FrostyA group for blacksmiths and blacksmithing related information