Chatbox gathering for a trial run

Just added the ArtMetal Chatbox and will be testing it out this coming Monday at 9 pm eastern time. I hope you will join us and help us test drive the chatbox. There is another chat program that we can use at artmetal, but it doesn't have the automatic login of username as the chatbox does.

So please join in and have some fun getting to know some of the other members of the artmetal site!

BTW, if you are logged in, you can edit your profile and check the "chatbox discussion" under "block configuration", save and a new block will show you when someone is chatting online.

Here's a little bit of what the chat will look like:

[09/07 16:53] <QuiQue> as to announcing a chat... any suggestions?
[09/07 16:54] <Alex in Welderland> I am pretty flexible
[09/07 16:55] <QuiQue> One thing I thought about is to make an event in the site that will display date/time
[09/07 16:55] <Alex in Welderland> that would be cool
[09/07 16:56] <QuiQue> So, I guess the big question is when would be the best date/time?
[09/07 16:57] <Alex in Welderland> what is good for you
[09/07 16:57] <Alex in Welderland> early evening works for me
[09/07 16:58] <QuiQue> I'm flexible except for Tuesday evenings. That's when I conga.
[09/07 16:58] <Alex in Welderland> monday nights work for me
[09/07 16:59] <QuiQue> Okay, so let's see Monday at 9 pm eastern time?
[09/07 17:00] <Alex in Welderland> that sound's good. I usually get back at 6:30, I can jump in then...
[09/07 17:01] <QuiQue> Okay, I'll announce this first trail for this Monday at 9 pm.