Genealogy help re: Oppi Untracht

I received the following request yesterday from a visitor to ArtMetal. Sadly, the poster she would like to contact was not logged in so I have no contact information. The original post was way back in November of 2008, but I put this out there in the hope that that person will see it and respond. Or someone else with information for Barbara. In many ways it is a small world so it could happen, right?

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The time has come that we are having to put the brakes on within ArtMetal. We've been around since the very beginning of the World Wide Web and the site is starting to show signs of wear. You may have noticed that you can no longer place images into your blog posts without having to resort to hard coding. You can still upload images and put them in the galleries of your choosing, but for some reason, placing the image does not work. I believe this started with the last php upgrade that was forced on us by our service provider.

Correctional Tool

Say-ha, Say-mak, Sahinler

Can someone tell me about the similarities and/or differences in these three (50 kg) hammers ?
Say-ha, Say-mak, Sahinler

Are they actually all the same manufacturer renamed over time, or different companies entirely ?

S. Kirk and Son Sterling Silver Bookmark Roses (1921 - 1940) - Antique Reproduction

I finish this sterling bookmark recently.

The original bookmark is American made by S Kirk & Sons .
It has S Kirk & Sons Sterling marked on the back with the number 9 on the original piece.

More info for the original antique one

flowers pot

orchids pot

centrifugal casting experiments

  As a miniaturist cabinet maker www.chrismalcomsonminiatures.com I've been trying to make metal mounts for my furniture. I've tried sand casting, lead casting, art metal clay, you name it I've tried it .  7 years its taken me to realise there is no easy way to solve the problem other than setting up my own casting operation...  With that in mind I've read everything I can on the subject and opted for the spin casting technique, (I wanted to use a vacuum machine but the only ones affordable were from China and the more I read the less I trusted them)...So I bought a spin caster from the US instead.

Warping sheet metal


I have an concept for some decorative sheet metal wall panels. The concept I have was to have the metal look similar to the warping and damage that sheet metal goes through, for example, to car bodies after a non lethal accident. Crumpling, bending, distortion etc.