I sure wish . . .

I sure wish someone would post here besides me. This has been the best forum ever for sculptors. Where are you? For God's sake don't say you are diddling around on Facebook with all of the citizens.

Quick and Dirty

Quick and DirtyQuick and DirtyI got tired of detail so I did something quick and dirty.

A New Girl In the Works



Creative Commons License
She is in oil based clay right now.

Finally Finished — The Queen

The Queen  The Queen


My take on historical reproduction from steel to copper

I cant fiOriginal

A wise sculptor from England just told me

When you look at a scene it's not like just taking a photograph, your brain does a lot of processing to sort out what is and isn't important and a big part of art is understanding that process.

I am testing

Is it possible to post here any longer?

Tomahawk Ride In

September 12 and 13 I will be vending my metal art at the Northwoods Harley Davidson Dealership. This dealership is located around 36 miles north of Tomahawk WI. The address is 1700 N. US 51 in Arbor Vitae WI.

Thanks Rich

Thank you,Rich

Hang In There

I sure hope this thread makes it through the hoops.
Rich, you are in my prayers and constant thoughts.
This is the best site I have ever experienced for metal artists so.....
Please continue to participate.