Domestic Goddess

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Domestic Goddess

In case any of you were wandering what a domestic goddess does, this is a prime example. The goddess is a multi tasker, especially on game day when the 13 year old decides he is having a party at the last minute. A good goddess welds for a few minutes in the driveway, comes in, mixes the brownies, puts them in the oven, and then welds a bit more (but only for 25 minutes). She then comes in and checks the brownies with her welding gloves on hand (as to not burn herself). She then moves back to the driveway to continue her work. This kind of dedication cannot be done by most. Use caution, as you may get brownie goop on your work, or heaven forbid, metal shards in your brownies! Enjoy!

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Well Done MOM!

I am a 37yrs old, GURLY Welder of 13yrs now and I know how ya feel, I have two teens one son 21 and one daughter 16. I only wish I had more time for them than I have put into welding shops. Take care. Oh and that dang oven has burnt me way more times than any rods ever have is that bad or good???? ha ha Mimi