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Sweet spot

You have to find this icon. Sure is hard to tell what it is. Once you do than posting a picture is easy. Any way to make it easier to find?

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Uploading Images

CryOk, it's not working again for me. Yes, I am in Foxfire. Yes, I enable rich text. Yes, I click on the little picture. THEN, I get a window that is asking me for the web site. The pictures are on the computer, not the web. Sometimes a window comes up that says something about image assist and then I can upload the picture. However, it does not seem to come up regularly or else, I am missing the proper button most of the time. marilyn

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Marilyn, try it without

try it without enabling the rich text.

just select the "add image" icon, and that will open a window that lets you "upload" from your hard drive.

IF at first.........well you know. :)

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Changed the icon to

Changed the icon to hopefully make it easier to spot. The new image to click while NOT in rich-text mode is: