Golden Eagle and Salmon in steel

Golden Eagle and Salmon in steel

This is my first attempt at metal sculpture. I made this in about 40-50 hours out of 1 mm mild steel cutting every feather individually with the plasma and tacking them on. The salmon was made in 2 halfs, bowled out with a ball pein hammer and welded together then detailed

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What a spectacular piece! Wow! Lin

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Very impressive

Very impressive work.

Regards Len

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Nice Sculpture

Hi Weldalot,
Nice sculpture. Could you offer more images, I would like to see different views of your bird.
Well done weldalot.

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I intend to hang it outside and have a photographer take some decent shots of it. Im doing an Osprey at the moment so not got much time but I will try and get them near the end of the week

Thanks for comments

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Wow, stunning piece. I'm

Wow, stunning piece. I'm with Frank, some more photos when you have time.


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