Lifesized Faery sculpture

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Lifesized Faery sculpture

Hi, this is our first post on this forum. Here is a photo of our latest sculpture; a lifesized faery, we hope you like it.

The Forgery.

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Life like

Not only is your faery life size,it is life like. Well done.
Yes, I like it very much.

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Thankyou Frank, took many

Thankyou Frank, took many hours but we are pleased with the end result.

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The Fairy is exquisite!

The Fairy is exquisite! Really nice use of various metalworking techniques. Is this all made in stainless steel?

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Thankyou, glad you like it,

Thankyou, glad you like it, she is made from mild steel forged around an iron frame then sealed and waxed. She was commissioned for a stand at this years Hampton Court Flower Show in london.

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WOW! She looks amazing! Nice

WOW! She looks amazing! Nice attention to detail. I love faeries!

Jamie Santellano

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Thanks Jamie , its great to

Thanks Jamie , its great to get good reactions from established artists such as your self, gives us confidence and inspiration, maybe one day we can give up the day job!