Nautiloid on stand

Nautiloid on stand

Trying out this new base for the piece.
I wanted to visually retain the nice curve on the bottom,as much as possible...

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hmmmm... I think the arms


I think the arms detract from the shell form... I love the bottom.

what about a domed top to the pedestal pinned the center?

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sculpture base

Stephen Fitz-Gerald
Not sure what you mean by that George.
Here's the first base which obscured the bottom of the shell.

I didn't like that. As you said the bottom has a nice curve.
And the arms bug me too on this one.
I'll get it right sooner or later.
It's one of those things that when you see the right one, you'll know it. I just keep trying new stands.

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Hi Stephen, it`s a nice SS

Hi Stephen,

it`s a nice SS sculpture, but agree neither base seems fit.

What about a chunk of weather driftwood, or a rock, or even white beach sand... keep trying. nelson.

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Stephen, I don't much care

Stephen, I don't much care for either base. How about a base that had a curve to echo the outer curve of the nautilus and three or four rather slim fingers to center it?  Use a domed ellipse for the base and SS rod for the rest of it.

 Just an ideaStand idea: The drawing is pretty crude but I think you can get the concept I'm talking about.  I think keeping the stand as minimalist as possible will focus attention on the piece.  Keep it light and airy so the nautilus almost seems to "float" above it.

I suppose if you wanted to get really tricky you could make a stand of steel and put a good-sized neodymium magnet inside the nautilus to hold it to the stand with almost no visible means of support.

Things to think about.



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I was thinking along the same lines as Rich. If the curve is what you like most and want to retain, follow it and then cut as much as you can away while still providing a secure base for the piece.. Whatever is left should closely relate to the shell as far as theme goes. The arms on the stand in the pic would be less intrusive if they conveyed the idea of water with the shell rising out of it.

You know folks who can water jet cut different materials. If I was pulling out all the stops I would cut a hole in a piece of glass that would fit snugly around the shell positioned as you thought it displayed best.I`d set the glass on a minimalist base made of bronze to look like branch coral which supported the glass rather than the shell.The glass would have a slight blue/green tint to it to suggest water. Coral below,shell rising up to break free of the water/glass.

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice there is.

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Stephen Fitz-Gerald
All good ideas guys ,thanks...