Via Regia in downtown Napa

Via Regia in downtown Napa

Here's the view toward the center of downtown.
The sculpture is installed next to Celadon a well known landmark(restaurant).
The owner came out while I was installing and introduced himself and a crowd gathered. I think they are genuinely happy to have this piece there.
The opening is on July 14th and each of the 10 artists will be at their piece to answer questions and relate their process.The riverfront development association will be present in full force as well as the Napa Arts Council explaining their collaboration and long term goals(for the media). I was part of a similar show up in Lake Oswego,Oregon outside Portland a few years ago,ironically with the same piece. In these difficult financial times when sculpture isn't selling as often as it does when the economy is stable,these shows are the next best thing. The stipend for the Napa show is $1000 and the stipend for the Lake Oswego show was $750.