Sculpture Installation: Good + Bad

Sculpture Installation: Good + Bad

Hi Everyone..

When there are good things happening, there are also bad things... My Mom , Jennie Rutkowski passed onto the other plane last week after a 6yr battle with Alzheimers, at the young age of 91! But she had an amazing life, very active and happy, so I know she is finally at peace. I will miss her dearly.

My work will heal... a lot going on. We were to install the "Summer of Love " series last weekend at Bethel Woods, we were able to change it to this weekend.
Three existing pieces and a new piece..I will take lots of photos. In the meantime, we had to change the works outside the gallery . I had one existing piece,
Infinite Possibilities (stainless steel) but had to come up with another. And I managed it. Cymbalic Journey. Stainless steel and brass ( used cymbal)

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Hi Janet, I'm sorry to hear

Hi Janet,
I'm sorry to hear about your mom. It's not easy no matter what the circumstances.

How nice to be working with the subject matter "Summer of Love"!

I love the pieces I can see.........Cymbalic Journey....Ha! Wonderful...

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I am so sorry for your loss.

I am so sorry for your loss. Are you going to do a memorial piece for her?


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thank you Sandra

I never thought about have me thinking,,,,Thank you SteelyJan38