Field of Flowers: New Piece

Field of Flowers: New Piece

Here's another new piece, haven't put the finish on yet, only patinaed, once I put the sealer on it will have a rich color and I will add some color to it also, Walter made me a wood base , stained in a black walnut finish...people like the wood/steel combo. This holds a votive in the plasma cut flower on top...SteelyJan

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Reaching for the light

Hi SteelyJan,
Those flowers look like they're reaching for the light with their long stems.
Nice.. . .

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Thanks Frank

they are actually made from cut new obsession...want to weld a female torso out of them...crazy about nails?????don't know why...SteelyJan

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hi steely
i never thought its from nails u r making...its so nice and its nice also to think that hard things could be soften with great hand like yours...from nails to flowers..