My first "Sculpture of the Month" this one December ( in progress)

My first "Sculpture of the Month" this one December ( in progress)

here's the first in a series of "sculpture of the month" which will be featured on the new web site (hopefully up in two weeks)
It's a snowflake silly!!!! I will put a white distressed patina on it. I think I will build a holder so it can either free stand or be wall mounted....I really feel inspired lately. The railing job is almost completed too!!!! SteelyJan

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love the shape in the

love the shape in the center!! cool
Guthrie, MN

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You got the mental gears turning

Hi Janet,
I see a snow flake in the very center.I like how you broke symmetry with the top most hub.My mind keeps trying to rotate this component.I think the white coloring will bring this work to life.

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There will be symmetry....

I posted this a little ahead of time.There will be one more row and then some. I will build a stand for it but it can also hang on the wall. I's a good size...not too small. Thanks SteelyJan

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SNO joke ? 8-|

Hi Jan,

My first impression was of medeival armour / architecture...

well done - of course


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Hi Jan, It would look good

Hi Jan,
It would look good in a black iron paste finish mounted on a Castle wall, nice piece with many interpretations.
Regards the Tig Man