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"Gears" was made from found metal objects and recycled metal. It represented one years work for me and took over 100 hours to complete back in 2001. It was very trying for me to finish and nearly exhusted my skills to work with heat distortion of bending each 6mm rod onto the next. By completing this peice it lead me to using this material in other ways which have been very satisfying. Will post photo of the other side.
Cheers Michael

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You are a credit to our breed!!

Jim Adams

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Thanks Jim,
I like your whoohoo comment. Most of my ideas come from visiting the outback of Western Australia and only wish I was able to hold onto those inspirations to produce more works but alas as time goes by they fade till the next trip outback. If you like Google Earth check out a place called "Kookynie" in Western Australia and look for photo's by spider 52 and see what I see.