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"Mindscape" started its life from a 500kg pour of molten metal for hardened earth moving machines however two major things went wrong. One beening the sand mould didnot fix properly and second the box clamps can adrift then it poured out onto the floor to form a slab of metal about 6m long X 3 m wide,steam bubbles formed in the cooling metal as moisture from the floor tryied to escape. I used only the very tip of this slab to make "Mindscape" as it reminded of the salt lakes form from the air.

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Truly, art is where you find it. The major problem for many is to recognise it and accept it for what it is.

Good "work". Now the people who see it will ask in wonder, "How was it made, and what does it represent?"

Nic East, Jim Thorpe, PA USA
Creativity begins with a novel thought.

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Thank you for your words and as you say people do ask "how was it made" and they appear a little disappointed when the story unfolds. It was a amazing sequence of events that produced a very remarkable result that I believe would be almost impossible to recreate. I was very excited when I first came across it and just had to do something with it.
Cheers Michael.

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Hi Michael

Just got back and haven't had a chance to wlecome you to ARTMETAL .
Your work is certainly diverse. I really like this piece and the "Gears". Glad to have you with us. Janet R.