Bicycle Express

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Bicycle Express

Made from found metal objects from Cue to kalgoolie in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. The three main pieces are the centre parts of the crank from early designed bicycles which were very important in the development of comunitions of the outback back in the late 1800's. I love the shapes of the centre crank and the shadows it creates with light at different angles.

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Hi Michael! This is nice

Hi Michael!
This is nice work- I really like the design. Usually I don't like found pieces welded toghther, but this is quite different. Your design choice works really well, and your choice of materials is wonderful. Great job!

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Bicycle Express

Rob ,
Thanks for the good comment's has been many years of development to find my own style that is just me. It's a great challenge to work with found objects and almost impossible to reproduce work similar to other people.
I am new member and feel very isolated in Australia to find other people with the same interests in metal work and was impressed to come across the Art Metal web site with so many good works that interest me.

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Welcome to ArtMetal

Welcome to ArtMetal Spider52! Glad to see you found a group metal enthusiasts that have camaraderie. Your found art creations are good to look at.

Thanks for sharing!

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Found Metal Objects

Thanks for the kind words QuiQue,
I believe I have found the camaraderie in Artmetal that I was looking for as we too few in numbers as compared to fishing stories have found we see things in a different light to others and sometimes It makes us venerable when we open up. Would have replyed sooner however computor had problems and just got it back from the PC doctor.
Cheers for now Michael.

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Michael, Nice work, The

Nice work, The Sprockets are neat, a lot of cool geometry. But I like the frame. What is it made from.
Again very clean lines, Great Job!

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Bicycle Express

Thanks For The Nice Words Chucky Boy!
Sorry for the long delay to get back to you had computer failure and just got it back today.
The frame is made from recycled 6mm dia rod welded together on the back at about 100mm spaces. The rod was used to tie 2 tonne lots of special steel from England, after straighting it I like the character of the material with hammer marks and the scars of life from use. As always heat from welding it will need to be straightened and then I cut the ends at 45 degrees and weld together like a picture frame.