A fun piece made today for a Paramedic friend who celebrates his Birthday in a few days.

Happy Birthday Kevan!

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you,re really a metal

you,re really a metal recycling artist Paul...this piece makes me smile....
it seems like you forgot something...the lock and plain washer....but where would that be placed in this piece???maybe it could be as a wheel for the stretcher or an ambulance hehehe...
i cant help myself thinking about it coz i like it...a very simple bolts with a sort of welding,grinding,bending and turns out to be wonderful piece...i,ll try to create something also from bolts,may i???


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Hi Harwell

Yes go for it! Nuts.bolts and washers are wonderful to work with. I did try to use heavy bolts on their side for the heads of the figures but had a hell of a job trying to get a good weld..I've only got a hobby MIG welder.

the hardest thing in this type of sculpture i find is trying to create movement in the piece i'm not sure if I achieved it all that well...I also found that old rusty bolts polished up look better

thanks for your kind comments

best regards

Paul G

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What a fun piece this is! Your friend will love it. Lin

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Hi Lin

Thanks ..yes I'm sure he will. He has a couple of pieces I've made ...i keep telling him I'm practicing on him until i give up my day job!

Now...what to make his wife...... got till June to think it over??? !!!

Best regards