New Installation

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New Installation

It has been awhile since I have posted to ArtMetal (but I still read most all of the posts). Wanted to share with all one of the images from the install we did last weekend in Charleston, SC. The main body of work included 2 large, (5-6 foot) somewhat, abstract fish along with a wave form. The fish are made from stainless, copper and bronze. In the image shown, the eyes rotate, as well as, the two side fins. The wave form was made from 1 inch round stainless tubing and twisted to give the effect of rolling.

The install took about 4 hours, which I thought was pretty quick. Both fish and wave sculptures took me about 4 months to finish. Each fish had a 1/4" stainless rod sub-structure. The rest of the fish was formed around the frame work.

Thanx for looking. Paul

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Thanks For Sharing

Hi Paul,
Ever since I joined this group I've looked forward to seeing any additional images of your creations.So today is a good day.How about some more pics, please. Excellent sculpture.

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New Install

Thanx so much your compliments...I really appreciate your thoughts. I am pulling up some more pics of the install, as well as, pictures of the process (as the client wanted me to document the entire process). I'm actually glad that he wanted that done because it is the first time i have done that and it really helps to preview those steps, as I seem to forget sometimes all that goes into producing the work.

As soon as i get these images ready to go, I will post them up. Should be on line no later than tomorrow.

Thanx again Frank.


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I'm really enjoying those fins. The additional shots helped get more of the detail and a greater sense of the scale of this piece. Inspiring as usual. Thanks for sharing Brad

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Yes Paul, I second Franks

Yes Paul, I second Franks comment. I myself would love to see some close ups to enjoy details... Awesome work, congratulations. Nelson

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New Install

Thank you for those kind words. I am going through the pictures I took of the build process ( the client wanted me to document the work from sketches to finish), so I have many pics to chose from. I will probably have them on line by tomorrow at the latest.

Thanks again for looking and your encouragement.



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WOW....another stunning

WOW....another stunning installation, Paul. Great combination of metals. I'm sure it gets plenty of attention. Lookin forward to seeing more of it. ;)
I'd really love to see some process shots.........while making one of these beauties. Wonderful attention to detail.

I always know you'll show up with something interesting when your out of touch for a while.You never disappoint.


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New Install

Thank you for all of your compliments. Yes, I am sorry that I have been so absent on the web site, but I have been working almost non-stop, for what seems like, the last 4 or 5 months...

And I do have more images of the build process and hope to have those on line by tomorrow.There are also a couple of other pieces that I have not yet posted, so I will include those. One is a stainless heron and the other is some oysters. I make these actual size oysters from stainless and copper. People seem to like them as I have made quite a few of them...Which is a good thing!

Thanks again Bill,


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Welcome back ...and with a fury....

Hi Paul,

Glad to see you back and your work. I'd love to see the eye of this fish revolving! Wow! I can't make out the wave sculpture too I'm looking forward to some more pictures. Janet R.

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New install

Glad to be back...And thanx for your support. Plan to have some more images up this morning.

Good to hear from you again.


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I like youre style paul. a

I like youre style paul. a LOT.
realy has machine spirit in it that look almost believeble. speciualy the overlaping plates.
to ad a subtle kinestetic ellement like revolting eyes would enhance this effect.
got to start working more in stainles.

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Great Job Brilliant

Great Job

Brilliant installation

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Thanks for sharing your pictures

Paul, thank you for adding those other pictures. it puts the fish into perspective. They are fabulous!!! i thought it was for a restaurant or bar. They would be great for a sushi restaurant....Fun to see a bit of your studio...We are posting a studio show + tell. Janet R.

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fish install

I am glad that the photos helped give you a better perspective on the works. I should have put a different photo up at first, to give more of a completed picture.

My studio is a fairly small garage, but it does keep the overhead down. I really do need more headroom - I keep breaking those 8 foot florescent bulbs! Was also wondering about the "posting a studio show + tell?" I am not familiar with that. Sounds pretty interesting. Could you explain more about that to me?

Thanx Janet and Thank You for input and compliments. Much appreciated!


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Check out some past blogs..

i think it might have started with Jake or kevin in Arizona.
Nelson posted a photo of his studio in Venezula...check that one out for sure. it's fun and interesting to see. It's amazing the great work that comes from very humble spaces. Janet R.

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Studio space

Janet - That is quite an amazing place Nelson works! Although, it looks like he has a little more head room than I do...What a beautiful spot! I am trying to clean my space up a bit. I'll send you a picture this week of the space once I've cleaned it up a bit.

You are right though...It would be fun if we started posting studio spaces...See the spaces where we all spend half of our lives.

Thanx Janet,


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Fish sculpture

Stephen Fitz-Gerald

Great Fish Paul,
I'm loving those fins...

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Thanx Stephen - I had a really good time with this commission. The client left the door wide open for me to create both fish... wish all the projects could be that wide open - glad you like the work.