VENEZZIO horse sculpture (front)

VENEZZIO   horse  sculpture  (front)

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Equine Abstract

Hi Nelson,
Kewl Sculpture.Dreamy.

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Hi Frank:I just finished

Hi Frank:I just finished Venezzio last week.If you check the post Venezzio (back) you`ll see the horse is chopped in 1/2",but still full of life and mettle! It pretends to be somewhat abstract and the meaning of it got nothing to with animal cruelty;namely, Venezzio is anything but a horse! made in cement,mild steel and wood.`re right!

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I like the look of this

I like the look of this Nelson. It says 'horse at play' to me.... like the movement, very sculptural.
Guthrie, MN

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Paula you must be an

Paula you must be an optimistic person.It`s great to see how people may read so differently a work before them.Yes,you`re right,Venezzio is at play,he`s playing for his life.The chopped-in-two-body and the strong gesture Workhorse mentions,captures the message.There`s strong pain,much mettle and a strong desire to live and play, and it looks cool,must agree with Grizz.So as you can see all of you are right in a sense,and nobody who sees it could ever be wrong.It`s all so relative. I worried I hadn`t got any input about my horse. They say good art must cause a reaction.It,s ok to love it or hate it. My sister says it`s rather sad. I tell her that`s the way you look at it. The sculpture itself doesn`t make me feel bad at all, but surprisingly, the message behind it is indeed sad. So she`s right to! This relativity stuff can drive you nuts...humbly I appreciate your input guys. Thanks.Nelson.

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i didn't see that it was

i didn't see that it was chopped in two....oops, sorry, still like it alot
Guthrie, MN

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Nice piece

Hey Nelson, I like this piece. Strong gesture. Movement is everything.

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Wow thats awsome, very

Wow thats awsome, very cool.


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Besides the fact that it

Besides the fact that it provokes much thought and emotion, this is a beautifully artistic piece! You have abounding creativity and passion. You have masterfully combined "animal, vegetable, mineral." Hats off to you!


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Thanks amigo Tamayo.What

Thanks amigo Tamayo.What happen to dancer III,did you finish it? Is it going headless too? Let us know about your excellent work. You know it`s amazing how we get people from all walks of life into the arte world, and they do it so well for the most part. Teachers,doctors,electricians,
farmers, we even get some cop once in a while...LOL, it`s great, love`em all ! Nelson