the myth of Amicability

the myth of Amicability

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Let's Face It

Hi Matt,
Let's face it, that's an awesome sculpture.

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I second the emotion! Clear

I second the emotion! Clear visual communication which fits the title very well. I'm drawn to this sculpture. I just want to go and pull the string from one side, then from the other. "The myth of Amicability" is perfect! Even as the stick figures lean outwards in a push/pull reaction. Just too cool!

Thanks for sharing your art!

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Matt, Great to see the use


Great to see the use of faces in this piece. A very successful piece I might add. What is the scale?


Fred Zweig

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The "figures" are about 3.5

The "figures" are about 3.5 ft tall.The vessel in the center is sterling with a lock of my son's hair and one of his baby teeth set in epoxy resin. hanging from a sterling chain is a river stone with a hole through it that my son gave me. You can pull the cords to make it go back and forth but the handles are covered in sterling and copper spikes.-m

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Excellent Matt. I like the

Excellent Matt. I like the concept . Just one question about the title: did you mean it as you actually wrote it, or is it suppose to be AMIGABILITY ? I ask you because the latter comes from the Spanish word AMIGABLE (friendly), which seems to fit in ??? Nelson.

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Hey Nelson, It's essentialy

Hey Nelson, It's essentialy the same word, only here we use it in reference to a "freindly" divorce.