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"OM: this eternal word is all; what was, what is and what shall be."

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My first project!

OK-if anyone is looking at this, please give me your comments. I need honest critiques. I would like to do some similar work like this and put in an art show coming up, but not sure if the quality is there. Just learning chasing and just got my plasma/mig purchased.
Thanks in advance.

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hmmmmmmmmm 8-|

I think it is worthy.

Something I've been contending with is the discussion with myself of 'am I making it for me or for other's taste and judgement?'

having done a roundy round on two on that subject, I've decided that I'm making it for me. One result is I don't make ornaments or trinkets.. the other is I don't sell a great deal of what I've made.

Best of luck with the show.

Jim Adams

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Very Nice!

Hi Lorrie and Welcome!!!
This is a very nice piece...one comment. I was never one for the swirly steel effect. I think the swirling of the steel takes away a bit from your inset design which is beautiful.
Try using a flap sander in one direction or an orbital sander which will make the steel a matte finish. just my opinion. other then that I really like the design! SteelyJan

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Hi, I think this is a nice

I think this is a nice piece. I like the colors, and recognize the piece very well...Om-Hindu Symbol for sound...Right??? The surface finish is nice as well. I love the movement you can get will the sanding disks. Nice work!


Jamie Santellano

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Art Appreciation!

beauty is in the eye of the beholder! SteelyJan

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Comments Appreciated

Thanks to everyone for the advice and nice compliments. I love this site & forum!

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Nice work Lorrie, tho I

Nice work Lorrie, tho I agree with Jan about the "swirly" grinder effect. For my tastes the contrast in the 2 colours is a little sharp. The colours on the copper are fantastic. A hint of patina on the steel would look nice....that is just my personal taste....there will be plenty of people out there who will prefer it just the way it is.

Definitely show worthy....


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Quite a bit different type of work. Kind of interesting. I agree too with no swirls, kind of old style.
Also what Peter mentioned about maybe patina of the steel. Many ways to go to for patina of the copper inserts.

www Metalrecipes-- heat and beat to the desired shape, repeat as necessary.


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Hi Lorri: I think that`s a

Hi Lorri: I think that`s a very good start. Those two metals combined, the exotic design... well all nice. Now, there is something about the steel sheet,and it has nothing to do with the finish, but rather I think it`s the corners or shape. The squareness probably makes look a bit more like a sign than an artwork, which it is! Nelson.

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I really, really love this

I really, really love this work, i love the warmth and depth of the copper, the bright swirling grind marks do take away a little from the overall piece and jar the eye, maybe a rust patina would add to the warmth and depth, but at the end of the day create just for you, you are the best judge of what works and what does not. I really look forward to seeing more of your work.

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More of my two cents!

I like the combination of natural steel and copper. I wouldn't put a patina on this one....I think it works well together.
I've been doing alot of small pieces with natural steel + patinaed steel. It works for me. Feel good...because everyone likes this piece and it's created quite a discussion!

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I like the swirly surface,

I like the swirly surface, it gives the overall piece a billowy feel followed by the colors in the copper.

Om is a vibration made through sound and is part of meditation taking one into a mindless, spiritual awakening. I think the symbol is well represented. I like the clash of the two tone colors...it's what makes the symbol stand out from the rest.

If the back ground was rusted then it would diminish the symbol, and blend the rich beauty of the symbol's curves.


Jamie Santellano

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Thanks for the nice comments. I can't believe it was this well received for my first piece. I had it all planned out in my head, but ya never know what it's gonna look like in real life. I actually had the surface grind pretty smooth, but then I put the same buffing wheel back on to touch up some areas, and the damb pattern changed, so I went with the swirls to get the thing done. I love crisp, clean metal, so I'm stepping out of my zone with the swirls. I'm still very new to all of this, but metal is my media of choice and I'm sticking with it. I just made my first small repousse piece and have a long way to go with it. My fingers are totally numb! Do you have any tips on how to properly photo these pieces to upload? Lighting, background?
Take care-Lorrie

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Hi Lorrie,

Hi Lorrie,

I started out doing metal sculpture...that's what my whole business was founded on, but circumstances took me down a different path, although not too different.

I now create jewelry in sterling silver. I took some workshops in Ireland with a Master Silversmith, and am currently being taught the craft by a jewelry designer from England who is local down in L.A.

As a result of this jewelry venture, I have taught myself how to take pictures of the jewelry I make. Not having tons of $$$$$ to spend on a professional photographer I have tried different light settings, props, and backgrounds. Sterling silver is hard to photograph, as well as any shinny metal surface due to the burn out from the flash, and reflective bright light, so I found that natural diffused lighting works the best on black backgrounds. I like to use leather, or black satin finished wood. Of course this is with jewelry, so I would experiment with sculptures to see what works best.

I don't know much about photography, but I do know what I like, and experiment according to that.

I hope that helps...maybe soon I'll be able to do a sculpture, although I do have some bowls from Ireland that I made...maybe I'll post those soon.


Jamie Santellano