Copper Tree (until I get a better name)

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Copper Tree (until I get a better name)

I have been playing with my stained glass, again, and love the combination of copper and glass. I don't have access to a TIG welder right now, so did this with oxy. Lin

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Nice tree

Your tree came out very nice. Nice flow of the branches. The glass leaves really set it off. How tall is it?

www Metalrecipes -- heat and beat to the desired shape, repeat as necessary.

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Thanks, Warren. The tree is about 2'tall. The glass is iridescent and really pretty in person. I am thinking I may do a tiny rabbit to put at the base, when I get time. Lin

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how did you attache the glass?

Lin ~

I'm curious how you attached the glass to the copper -- was it epoxy?

Nice work!

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Copper tree

Thanks, I flattened the very end of the copper branch for a tiny bit of support. The glass edges are wrapped with stained glass foil and the foil is coated with solder and then soldered to the branch. I applied a patina to make the solder a copper color. The solder has plenty of strength to hold the glass unless someone really pulls on it, in which case, the soldered foil can break. You could epoxy it, but I like the finished edge the solder gives the glass. Lin

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copper tree

I love it. The trunk really looks awesome

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copper tree

Thanks Andy, it was an experimental piece, working the copper with my oxy set up, instead of using TIG. I didn't have a forge at the time and had to use the rosebud to heat and shape the trunk. Hard work. Lin