Got "Loaded" at the paint shop

Got "Loaded" at the paint shop

Here is my newest one. Called "Loaded", it is still at the paint shop. It has a cracked finish so it looks really old. Ed (the painter) did a great job of blending and shading to get this finish (imho). Got a couple of coats to go and a good buff job. Will be presenting this at a one man show in Oct. Have two other pieces also but no photos yet.

24 inchs square with a bearing so it can turn in the wind. Made out of 16ga. steel, and the cups were made on the air shaper.

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Hey, that's pretty nice.

Hey, that's pretty nice. How's I miss seeing that one? One man show? Cool,

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This had already gone to the

This had already gone to the paint shop by the time you came around. If you are on the mail list you will get an invite to the show. Or you can check up on the website for the date and time. Or just talk to me when you come by to chat.

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Size Counts

Hey Kevin,
Realy like the look of the Artwork "Loaded". Must be the way you took the photo cause it looks bigger than 24 inches square or you have a tiny workshop LOL.
Keep them comimg.

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Hi Spider This is not my

Hi Spider

This is not my shop. We were at the painters place. I gave up taking photos long time ago. My wife Mary does all my photo work now.

I will post a better shot of Loaded after it comes home.

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Hi kevin, I like the look of

Hi kevin,
I like the look of Loaded, specially the deformed shape of the die, and the paint job is excellent in my opinion. nelson.

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Thanks, It just blows my

Thanks, It just blows my mind the things Ed can do with a spray gun. It's another art form all by itself. I should pick it up in a day or so. Will try for a video in the sunlight so all the detail shows up. I will let everyone know.

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great piece

i am impressed. terrific idea and well executed