Been busy

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Been busy

This has been in my head for awhile. Out of 16ga. stainless. Was doing all the welding with the mig. Finally broke down and got a tig. Sure went smoother, lot less clean up.

Off to the studio, got two commissions to start today. More on them later....

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Nice Kevin!

Nice Piece...did the base plate buckle??? Did you have any issues with the stainless moving. It seems everything needs to be clamped down. Congratulations on the commissions. What type of work sculptural or functional? Janet R.

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It's all about the dry Heat

I still love this peice! Not that I can afford it, but if the client doesn't want I'll be more than happy to find it a home in my humble dwelling. Congrats on the TIG.

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You know where the tig is!

You know where the tig is!