RainHarp finally in place

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RainHarp finally in place

Well I finally installed RainHarp. Here it is running. Only needs landscape to finish off the install.

Had to wait 2 weeks just for the powder to show up. (special color). The usual wait at the sandblast booth and the zinc tank for dipping. Then a 6 mil coating of powder and off to the oven.

Only tips the scale at 175 lbs so the handtruck and some willing help to set in place. 4 bags of concrete the day before with the homeowner digging the hole. Had to move the hole over about a foot for the wires and piping we found. No holes and nothing cut for once.

This was the second installation that week. Also installed "Isadora"

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Would just like to say what a lovely peice this is, very simple design, a lovely arc and a beautiful cascade of water. Adrian

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Thank you.

Thank you.

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I absolutly love this piece,

I absolutly love this piece, color, cool shape, water, what else could you ask for.

I'm just starting the our first fountain, well we are just finished with design, now for the mockett!


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Hi grizz, How was the trip

Hi grizz,

How was the trip back east?

"First foutain" Oh you know we need photos of this!!

Come on, get to posting......

Would love to see it when you can.