Ok, what do you all think of this??

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Ok, what do you all think of this??

Got the bug on Monday and made this out of 16 ga. stainless. It is for the nich in our house right inside the front door.

Just polished it with scotchbrite and added a little oil.

This is a maquette for a house on a hillside with a large patio and a larger view.

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gotta love stainless

Kevin, I got a almost dead ringer piece at a gallery made out of copper buse bar. The stainless to me looks better,but I bias to stainless in my gean structure. KEEP sendin in posts, I think your pieces are top of the line! Jay

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I Like It !

Hi Kevin,
I like it.It should look good in any scale.Its helical without the hard mathematical look.

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I like it Kevin. It combines

I like it Kevin. It combines simplicity, beauty, and a great material, stainless. Nelson.

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simplicity is perfection in Stainless

This is an absolutley beautiful piece. I loved it from the moment I saw it. Can't wait to see it 14 feet tall! Your work always inspires me!

Chucky Boy

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Thanks CB I am still waiting

Thanks CB

I am still waiting for the meeting on this one. I will take the maquette and a couple of others over to their house for show and tell.

We meet on Wensday so my fingers are not crossed yet but I am getting ready. Gloves off, boots off...

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Hi Kevin, I agree with

Hi Kevin, I agree with everyone else, great piece. It's simple, elegant, and has a lot of motion. Good luck on Wednesday, I'll start crossing my fingers for you on tuesday.


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Very nice, Kevin! Good luck

Very nice, Kevin! Good luck on Wednesday, and let us know how it goes.

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Hi Kevin,

Hi Kevin, I like it! It's a great design! Cheers! JAMIE SANTELLANO ARTIST IN METAL SCULPTURE & JEWELRY

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Finally had the meeting on

Finally had the meeting on this piece. Was looking good for a 48 inch tall version for a shelf inside. A whole new design for outside.

Then the price......

They blinked

Still waiting,, fingers crossed

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Hope you get it!

Hi Kevin Caron,

I saw the image of your piece this morning, and liked it! I know how it feels to go through the process of doing the designing of a piece, figuring out all the costs and coming up with the final price-the one you deserve, and then going through the anticipation of the final answer!

I hope it all works out for you, and you get what you deserve.

Jamie Santellano

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Kevin's maquette

"Hey Kevin, whatcha doin'?"...

So, I know this is almost two years after the fact; however, I'm curious to know what the outcome of your meeting was. Did they bite on the larger piece, and the outdoor sculpture? Btw, love your Utube docucomedysoaps; keep em comin'!

Chris Johnson