Torsional Twist

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Torsional Twist

86" x 25" x 15"
67 pounds

Despite its apparent intransigence, steel is surprisingly malleable. Kevin is fascinated by testing the limits of steel's flexibility, as evidenced by Torsional Twist.

The sides of this sculpture fool the eye (as so many of Kevin's works do), starting on one side of the base and ending up on a different plane at the top. Some people have, in fact, commented on its "M.C. Escher-esque" nature.

The piece was included in the four-month Chandler, Arizona, public Art Walk exhibition, September - December 2007.

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Beary nice!!!! You'll

Beary nice!!!! You'll definately be an asset here.


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Welcome Kevin...

While checking out your web site last night my chair broke and whacked me in the head so hard I had to take some Advil and lay down.....maybe somebody trying to tell me something????
Anyway, your work , I didnt get a chance to look at everything but you definitely belong here. Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing more work. Janet R.

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I am so sorry, I know my work can move people in strange ways, but I never knew it could break things!!!!

Here it would be "Take two glasses of wine and a handfull of M&Ms (dark chocolate please) and all is well again. (grin)


Where the answers are stranger than the question.

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nice work

Nice work Kevin is this yours? I noticed if it is that you talked about yourself in the third person<s>  What is the thickness of the metal you used ?/ at that height is it a little top heavy??have you put any type of sealer on it to hold your colors? how long did you take to do it?and did you work from a design or off the top of you head<s>Thanks Kevin for photo................................bob

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Hi Bigbob Yes this is my

Hi Bigbob

Yes this is my work. I was sitting here trying to type when my wife, who also manages my website, climbed in my lap and said "Here, it is quicker to cut and paste from the site than type it all over again" So yeah, it is me talking about myself in the third person without putting my hands on the keyboard!!???

The metal is 16ga steel. It is also hollow and at the bottom of the scupture is a 1/4 inch thick plate to hold the 6 pieces togeather. The post is 3 inch (I think) diameter 3/8 wall. To hold it all on the ground is a 20 x 20 x 1 inch plate.

I am sure the base and post weight more than the scupture itself. lol

There is no sealer on the metal so it will "mature" over time. It was patinaed using muratic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

I almost never use any drawing to work. I find my head can update alot faster than my pencil. Besides I am a terrible graphic artist.

This piece took about 3 weeks to make from start to finish. It was a learning experence for me with taking metal from one plane to another. (If you look close you see that the side becomes the front and the front twists to the side. Hence the name)

It was also the first time using a slip roller. I will post a pic of one of my newer pieces called "Mobius" that this was practice for.

Where the answers are stranger than the question.

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welcome aboard, Kevin. Good

welcome aboard, Kevin. Good to have you with us.

nice piece. Very interesting study. Lookin forward to the Mobius.
Wouldn't the unsealed rust finish....."rub off" on you if you were to brush against it?

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Not really. It gets a nice

Not really. It gets a nice patina going after a few months. Sure you will get a "little" on your hand but all my customers like the natural rust over a paint or real patina.

I did 5 test pieces with some 4 powercoat and a patina and wound up giving them away or sandblasting and rusting them.

I did do one with gun blueing and several coats of sealer and had good results but haven't had reason to try again.

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I like the piece and the

I like the piece and the colors do it justice. I was wondering if it is a little top heavy? the base looks a little light.

Rick Sidebottom
Metal Artist

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Hi R L Thanks for the kind

Hi R L

Thanks for the kind words. With a piece of 1 inch plate on the base it weights more than the piece itself.

I usually work by myself so I always looking at my work with an eye towards safety. I also have to be able to move it around the studio and get it to the site, normal with only my wife and myself for manpower.

Where the answers are stranger than the question.

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Well 1 inch plate will do

Well 1 inch plate will do it.

I understand about the manpower, I'm in the same boat. I have lots of wheeled stands, carts and jacks. They help.

Rick Sidebottom

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Hello Kevin and welcome to

Hello Kevin and welcome to artmetal,

I really like this piece and the work on your website is very impressive. I've always like the natural rust look and it suits many of your pieces well. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.


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gday kev

nice work kev

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Thanks, Now that I am in the


Now that I am in the "new" studio my work has been getting bigger. I was trying to move a fountain out of the way yesterday and had to use the handtruck.

I was hoping to drop it in place with a crane, but they installed the cover over that area yesterday. Oh well,, Helloooo Dolly. LOL