Hand-Forged Floral Picture Frame

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Hand-Forged Floral Picture Frame

This is a hand-forged picture frame. Hammered iron and flowers.

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WOW Karin Great detailed

WOW Karin

Great detailed work.

What other types of work do you do?


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Thank you folks! I am

Thank you folks!

I am presently working on smaller interior and exterior sculptures, candle holders, wall sculptures, frames such as the one shown above, and more. I have other visions, but they are still in the works. I am also going to fabricate hand-forged components for projects which will also be available for sale on my website. There is so much to do and never enough time to do it in!

I have just finished making 22 modern style door pulls for my new cabinets. They are a combination of stainless steel and copper, and compliment my cherrywood cabinets.

Karin Valerius
Valerius Metalsmithing, Ltd.
Elgin, Illinois

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i agree with Peter

WOW is right
Guthrie, MN

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beautiful work Karin....SteelyJan

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I'll throw an AWESOME in

I'll throw an AWESOME in with the WOW

Rick Sidebottom
Aspiring Metal Artist