Released from a jack hammer barrel. The vent on the upper part of the barrel looked like a snout. I chopped off the rest of the barrel, gave it nostrils and some teeth.

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I like it! Rick

I like it!

Rick Sidebottom
Metal Artist

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thx Rick

Thx Bro, I'm very fortunate that people see what I'm trying to do and help me out by providing the the treasure that I can bring to the surface.

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I love this kinda stuff, Beast is really neat, thanx for sharing, and it is good to see ideas come from old "tools" and such. if you don't mind me asking.... How long did that work take?

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Thx.. 8-|

I really didn't keep track of my time on this guy ( I tend to work on a number of things at the same time ), actual operations probably maybe about 2 1/2 hours. The single most time consuming part was chopping the barrel - it is one very hard piece of steel and even with a chop saw it took a long tine. The remainder of the jack hammer barrel was used in another work.