Metalic Lifeforce

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Metalic Lifeforce

One of my other addictions besides blacksmithing is all that is rusty. I think rust looks great! There are sooooo many different shades of ocher and sienna and lovely reds and browns, its like the blood of the earth. Any time I see something with a good coating of rust all I can think is, “oh, how can I use that?”

This work was a lot trickier than the others because I used 1” pipe instead of half inch round stock. Forging them into nice even spirals was a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be. But as you can see it worked out.

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Hi Jay, You must live close

Hi Jay,
You must live close to a forest,and love vegetation... Those ferns growing from that layer of organic matter, be it leaves and pieces of bark, look so natural. Man I love the rusty layer. Great! nelson.

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I do live out in the woods and i enjoy nature a great deal. The forest flore facinates me, furns and fungus break down dead matter to make it viable again. Hell, the suff i use is just durt, albeit a stubborn veriaty >.<